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Rapid Project Execution

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Faster Time to Market

Competition is aggressive, the time to market short, and sometimes, even the best product development, migration, and maintenance flounder. This is especially true if you don’t have the right execution strategy that is being powered by the right technology partner.
At Navabrind IT Solutions, we have worked on projects from e-commerce app developments to ERP implementations; Akeneo PIM implementations, custom app developments, mobile app developments, and cloud service offerings.
We have expertise on a range of technologies from open source to proprietary. We are full-stack software developers – front-end, back-end, and database. We leverage DevOps, Agile (Scrum) to ensure we are developing and delivering to plan. We also have significant experience with mobile app development.
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  • Project charter & vision creation
  • Business objectives, Scrum business storylines
  • Goal & expectation setting
  • High-level project plan & execution model
  • Product owner addressing
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  • Business process flow & integration points
  • Functions, process & procedure traceability
  • BRD sign-off, Scrum and sprints planning
  • Risk & mitigation
  • Agile/Scrum sprints-based phase & drive
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  • Transaction process flow in the application
  • Configure custom solutions
  • Build the sprint, unit cases & testing
  • Follow standard framework
  • Pre-UAT cycle testing for the sprint
  • 100% complete build for sprint
  • Agile/Scrum sprint-based phase & drive
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  • Drill down UAT business test cases/script for sprints
  • E2E testing & process testing
  • UAT defects metrics & backlog clearing
  • BRD/storyline traceability matrix
  • Parallel user training & URM
  • Successful UAT exit & sign-off
  • Agile/Scrum sprint-based phase & drive
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  • Key success factors review & decisions
  • Migration of objects sprint-wise
  • Final data migration
  • Biz testing in pre-go-live for business-critical sprints
  • Product owner sign-off
  • Go / No-go decision
  • Agile/Scrum sprint-based phase & drive
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  • Go-live environment ‘Ready & Readiness’ review
  • SMOG testing before go-live for critical sprints
  • Steering committee (ST) approval
  • Go / No-Go decision
  • Successful Go-Live
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Technology Expertise
Reach us for all your e-commerce technology needs. We have 10-years of experience working with clients from across the world.
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We expertise across industries
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Our Project Execution Tools
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DevOps – Collaboration, communication, and integration

If multiple perspectives are going to influence the product or application you are developing, then DevOps will have to be your development technique. DevOps is ideal for custom application development or when end-to-end business solutions are being developed. It is also the best method when collaboration between the operations and the development team is needs, and these teams are relatively large. DevOps relies heavily on delivering code to production every day if not faster, testing the product or application at every stage, and receiving feedback. Tools we are familiar with in DevOps are Jira, Git, Kubernetes, Docker, and others.

Agile – Shorter product release cycles, faster

When the product you are developing is large or complex. It is important to develop it in phases. In the Agile methodology, your product development is broken into parts or phases. The development process is iterative as it is continuous development, testing, and evolution. Agile can be implemented through Scrum, Kanban, XP, and other methods. The big benefit of Agile is that it is collaborative, allows for the continuous incorporation of feedback, identifies gaps in the product, which are addressed by developers, and then the product can be released in phase and incrementally. At Navabrind IT Solutions, we implement Agile in Sprint, Safe, and Scrum.
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