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Our mission section in leadership page – Integrity, innovation, and operational excellence motivate us to drive breakthrough performances that generate value for our clients.
Join us if you want to be challenged every day with the freedom to be creative and innovative!
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Fast-growing company
with people-centric

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We are open and transparent

Our trust is mutual. We emphasise
quality, transparency, and meaningful

Navabrind team dreams, goals, targets
We are dreamers.

The team is full of knowledge lovers that enjoy working in a fast-paced and enjoyable environment.

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We are always learning

With an innate desire to learn, inspire, and innovate, we strive to solve problems relentlessly to create value.

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We love our work.

The team is full of knowledge lovers that enjoy working in a fast-paced and enjoyable environment.

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We respect each other

To build a great company, we treat
everyone with respect and

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We are truly diverse

Diversity is important to us
because it promotes innovation
and progress.

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Meet the Leaders who are quietly managing critical challenges with their intense expertise
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Navabrind team, Navabrind CEO
Venkadesh Nagarajan
Founder / CTO
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Vasanth Anantharaman
Co-Founder / Business Head
Navabrind team
B. Sankaranarayanan
Chief Financial Officer
Navabrind team
Delivery Manager
Navabrind team
Magento Tech lead
navabrind team
Jaishree J
Project Manager
Navabrind team
Odoo Tech Lead
Navabrind team
Anitha Dabbir
Human Resource Manager
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