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Re-imagine your customer experience with a Shopify-Akeneo integration

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While Akeneo PIM lets you manage catalog data for multiple channels. The Shopify-Akeneo integration allows users to export and import catalog data, send and receive product data, including images, categories, quantity, SEO, price, and more. Users can also filter products that they want to export to Shopify.
Save time by automating repetitive tasks. Eliminate error-prone manual product catalog transfer and update processes. Go to market fast by seamlessly enriching product information and delivering it to your sales channel.
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Key Features of Shopify-Akeneo

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  • Export Akeneo categories as ‘Collections’ in Shopify.
  • Export product data, including variations.
  • Specify variation’s price, SKU, quantity, barcode, and weight.
  • Send multiple product images to Shopify.

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  • Update exported products on Shopify.
  • Map Akeneo attributes with Shopify product details.
  • Set fixed values for exported products in Akeneo settings.
  • Export quantity, barcode, weight, product type, vendor, tags with product data.

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  • Send SEO information such as page title, meta description, and URL.
  • Add multiple Shopify stores for configuring.
  • Specify “Charge taxes on this product” is required or not.
  • Filter products to export based on category, families, completeness, time condition, and status.

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  • Export specific product(s) using an identifier (SKU).
  • Connect multiple Shopify stores with Akeneo by providing separate credentials.
  • Link variant image of a product to its variation.
  • Quick export functionality allows for exporting a selection of products.

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  • Shopify meta fields mapping is supported.
  • Import products, variations, categories, attributes from Shopify to Akeneo.
  • Using Shopify’s standard attribute code, you can map additional attributes for imported products.
  • The source code is 100% open for customization.

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