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The benefit of integrating your e-commerce website with the manufacturing module is that your enterprise need not block revenue in products that may sit in your warehouse for weeks or months.
Manufacturing to specific orders is beneficial when the product manufactured is expensive, has multiple variations, or when a consumer can order a specific part instead of the whole product.
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Key Features of Manufacturing

Data Modeling

solution design
  • When enterprises offer thousands of products. An e-commerce site allows for a personalized shopping experience. Consumers can review various product options, compare features and costs and place their order with ease.

Data Governance

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  • An e-commerce site allows for upselling and cross-selling.

Data Aggregation/Syndication

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  • When the product is complex, an e-commerce site lets buyers configure the product with no human intervention, automating the buying, production, and dispatching process and making it error-free.

Data Enrichment

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  • Odoo MRP implementation
  • Odoo Manufacturing accounting
  • Odoo Manufacturing commerce

Publication and Versioning

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  • Odoo Inventory
  • Odoo warehouse management
  • Odoo Maintenance

Advanced Rights Management

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  • Odoo data migration
  • Odoo Custom BOM
Reach out to Navabrind Solutions to integrate your e-commerce website with your Odoo manufacturing module.
We ensure that your e-commerce website is designed keeping in mind the needs of your customers, has strong SEO, online marketing capabilities, and is flexible to B2B and B2C processes.

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