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Setting up a successful e-commerce business is easier said than done. Those with thriving businesses will tell you that it was a few things they did right which propelled them forward. Some of these are
  • A robust business plan that they tracked closely.
  • Razor-sharp financials were tracked keenly, often in real-time.
  • A sharp eye on their products, all the way from conceptualization to post-sales.
  • A trusted clutch of people who understood the plan and worked in concert.
  • A great connection with customers.
Bringing all these together was seamless automation and e-commerce technology that let the fledgling business do more with less.
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Key Features of E-Commerce Solutions

Data Modeling

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  • Small e-commerce businesses can adopt the free version and scale the software as they go.

Data Governance

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  • Free versions from Magento and Odoo do not have license costs and have a huge online community of users for support.

Data Aggregation/Syndication

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  • The free versions of Magento and Odoo are used by millions of e-commerce businesses and are secure and robust.

Data Enrichment

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  • An e-commerce business can be up and running in just a few weeks, set up a 24/7 sales channel, and grow your revenue effortlessly.

Publication and Versioning

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  • Integrate your front-end, PIM, and back-end for maximum automation and minimal dependence on human intervention.


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  • Magento Basic – B2C
  • Magento Advance -B2C/B2B
  • Magento Marketplace

Product Information Management System

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  • Akeneo Basic
  • Akeneo Advance


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  • Odoo E-commerce basic setup
  • Odoo E-commerce advance setup
  • Magento-Akeneo-Odoo integration

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