How safe is my idea?

At Navabrind, we value the client’s data and IP protection. All our processes and procedures are designed to ensure maximum privacy for all your digital assets, project information, and ideas. We sign a strict Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before we ideate on your application design. Also, if needed, we can draft and sign specific IP protection affidavits and Non-Compete Agreements. As reputed industry professionals, we ensure complete transparency and ensure your ideas remain your own, in letter and in spirit.

Do you re-use code?

We are very particular about treating your intellectual property and proprietary codes with utmost privacy and care. Any code taken (with your permission and consent) from your library will only be used in your own projects. We neither retain any documentation nor the actual code in our database once the purpose of using any of your code (for your projects) is served. To this effect, we are willing to sign any agreement, affidavit, or disclaimer.

What is your project management methodology?

Navabrind excels at delivering the most dependable and unique IT solutions with flexible project management. Our PMs are qualified, skilled, and experienced in all kinds of project management and operations management methodologies, right from Agile to DevOps. We brainstorm with our counterparts from the client’s team and agree on the best-suited project management methodology for each project. Adaptive project frameworks, crystal project management methods, dynamic systems development model, lean, joint development, ITIL – whatever suits the project the most, is what we choose.

Who owns the app and the source code?

Our contracts are diligently drafted to ensure that as a client, you retain complete ownership of all the source code that our development team writes for your projects. We have mature processes in place to ensure the delivery of code, accompanying document, transfer of ownership, and removal of copies from our systems. We are glad to explain more about our IP protection and privacy assurance processes.

Do you work according to the client’s time zone?

Navabrind is already serving clients across Asia-Pacific, United States, European Union, United Kingdom, and the Middle East. We are handling with 24×7 operations. This is done via a flexible and well planned offshore-onsite approach, because of which we can deliver round the clock service to any client, depending on their work time preferences. Our project leads are available in client timezone with full work-day overlap. Also, we’re happy to align our roster’s holiday schedule to match that of the client.

Which framework or programming language will you use to develop the apps?

We excel at app development for all major platforms – Android, iOS, and Windows. Our teams are skilled in leveraging all major frameworks and programming languages. We bring senior solution architects on board to help clients decide the best framework and programming language for a project. Xcode IDE with Objective C and Swift, iOS native apps, Android Studio with Java and Kotlin, Visual Studio Code with Javascript, PHP & Node.js, SQL & NoSQL database – we have the right mix of skills to design the perfect development methodology that’s perfectly suited for your projects.

Do you upload apps to app stores?

Yes. We have well-established procedures to optimize your apps for different app stores and follow the best practices of app submission. Plus, we will help you with the app marketing assets and content that goes along with the app on the store. This ensures you get the complete end to end solution for your app development requirement, right from the idea to the live app on all app stores.

Can you use the graphics / UI which I have created?

We believe in collaboration, and take every possible step to work in close cohesion with our clients’ design teams. Also, if you have hired another vendor for the design part, we can quickly build a collaborative team and project methodology to ensure the best design meets the best development to result in the best app. We are also willing to offer our design expertise and advice should you need any.

Can I make one app that will work on all platforms?

Cross-platform compatibility is the order of the day. Our app development teams have expert React Native developers who bring the required skill set to the table. Get in touch to know more about the feasibility of cross-platform for your apps. Whether you want to make an existing app compatible with all platforms, or want a new app developed, we will do it for you.

I have a technical team at my end. Can you work in conjunction with it?

We excel at implementing dynamic teams and processes that focus on maximum collaboration with design, development, project management, and quality teams from our client’s side. In this way, we bring together the best possible mix of resources to ensure that your apps turn out to be awesome.