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Why Choose Odoo Software for Your Business

Focus on attracting customers and growing your e-commerce business. That’s where your expertise lies. And manage all the facets of your business with a comprehensive ERP application. Gain visibility into various functions by tapping on a few keys, strategize, plan, and act when necessary. And you can do this yourself or have any of your team members keep an eye on how things are panning out for your business. As a management software, Odoo does this and more for you. This ERP comes bundled with several of modules, including warehouse management, accounting, project management, manufacturing, point of sale, e-commerce, CRM, sale, purchase, human resource, payroll, contracts management, subscriptions management, and invoicing and payments.
The best part about Odoo ERP is that it is open source and easily customized to any business need. As a leading ERP, it has over 5 million users across the world, and is adopted by small medium-sized businesses and large corporations. This means the Odoo ERP scales as you grow. Why go through the pains of managing separate applications for different business functions and investing in license fees when you can adopt a comprehensive, reliable EPR like Odoo.
Navabrind IT Solutions is a certified Odoo partner. We help you choose the right modules for your business, implement and customize them, migrate to the latest version of the application, migrate your data, support, maintain, and update your ERP when new patches hit the market.

Here are 5 reasons why Odoo ERP is ideal for your growing business

  •  Modular ERP – Odoo has 15 key modules and hundreds of others. Additionally, the ERP has 1000 + apps that you can adopt.
  • Open source – is a huge plus point, as you do not have to pay a license fee to access this comprehensive software, and your developers can easily access the source code to make the required customization. You can also benefit from a whole community of developers who are constantly improving the code and adding new features. The best part of open-source software is that it does not have any vendor lock-in.
  • Affordable – The community version of Odoo has no license fee, while the Enterprise version comes with advanced features and customized modules, and you would need to pay a small fee. This is considerably less than other ERPs, and you can scale from the free version to the licensed version as your business grows.
  • Easy to integrate – You can add or remove different modules without interfering with the larger ERP.
  • Web-based application – You don’t need to invest in servers and other infrastructure to host the Odoo ERP. It is web-based, can be accessed through a web browser, offers multiuser management, and is accessible 24/7.
Simplify your business process management with Odoo. Reach out to Navabrind IT Solutions to learn how. As a certified Odoo partner, we will consult and help you implement Odoo end-to-end for your B2B or B2C business.
With over a decade of experience in e-commerce implementations, we have worked with hundreds of customers in e-commerce, retail, healthcare, engineering, logistics, and other industries. We offer a range of packages that you can pick and choose from so that your ERP implementation is cost-effective and supported by the best.
We help small and medium e-commerce businesses deploy Magento, Akeneo PIM, and Odoo ERP.

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