4 Ways to Ensure Your Mobile App is Secure

4 Ways to Ensure Your Mobile App is Secure

4 Ways to Ensure Your Mobile App is Secure

After enterprises transition to the cloud, the next transformation is toward mobility. This is because nearly 2.7 billion people around the world own a smartphone and are increasingly using their devices to get work done. Add to these tablets, and the number goes higher. This number will only increase in the coming years. Mobility has gained importance with the COVID-19 pandemic. With lockdowns and social distancing, employees increasingly need to work from home and access business applications.
Enterprise mobility allows your business to be accessible to your employees and customers, get work done faster, and as a business grow smarter.

Mobility for employees

BYOD is becoming common, and employees access company data and applications from their devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops. Being accessible 24/7 to employees has many advantages, but it can pose a security threat as well. Having a mobility strategy in place is critical. One way to enhance security for your business is to engage in mobile application management. This enables your IT department to control and secure applications related to your company without interfering with the apps on the users’ device.

Putting in place a security strategy for your business applications involves

1. Looking at the devices your employees and clients use to connect with your organization
2. Tightening security /authentication methods to ensure the right person enters your network/application
3. Deliver specific access-based information, only, depending on the role and designation of the user
4. Periodically checking your firewalls and security measures. Identify vulnerabilities and fixing them before they are breached.

Those businesses planning on developing mobile applications can additionally focus on security right at the development stage and ensure their apps have robust security built into them.

Mobility for clients

Enterprises often collect client data, and this data is attractive to hackers looking to steal and sell this information. It is vital to ensure that clients accessing your business apps are authenticated and that the data collected is stored securely and for the required time only.

If you are a small or medium-sized company trying to wrap your head around your security requirements and develop a mobility strategy for employees and clients, you can reach out to us at Navabrind IT Solutions. We consult, retrofit security measures into your apps, and build apps for you that are hardwired with security measures. With over a decade of experience, we understand that brand equity is hard-earned and must be protected. The cost of data breaches can be expensive, and we help you avert just this and more.

Who Can Develop a Mobile App for Me

Who Can Develop a Mobile App for Me

Who Can Develop a Mobile App for Me

Rachel runs a successful line of pharmacies in London. With the recent pandemic, her elderly clients and others were having a hard time coming to her outlets. She also identified a new business avenue around the delivery of medicines that she could capitalize on. As a young, social media savvy businesswomen, Rachel knew her business needed an app through which clients could order their medicines and have them delivered to their homes. Her friend had just learned mobile app development and decided to help. A couple of months went by, and her mobile app still had major issues by way of design, integration with her enterprise applications, and security. She decided to look for professional help and reached out to a mobile app development agency. They had her app in the app store in a short 3-weeks!

Over half the mobile users in the world have a smartphone and can connect, communicate, view content, and make buying decisions on the go. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, an increasing number of consumers have switched to buying online, and they are doing this from their smartphone. Enterprises are leveraging this trend to connect with consumers faster, increase sales, and run highly efficient businesses.
With work from home becoming the norm, companies are using mobile apps to connect and interact with their employees. They are also making their business applications mobile-friendly.
Building a mobile app on Android, iOS, or Windows is easier than ever before. You can capitalize on a host of app-building tools and roll out your app quickly. But with mobile apps being launched by all and sundry, you must want your app to be user-friendly, secure, stable, and liked by users. This is where you can leverage the expertise of a mobile app development agency like Navabrind IT Solutions.

While many companies claim to provide mobile app development services, we have the experience of developing apps in Android, iOS, and Windows. We bring to the table a range of best practices and industry exposure from retail to logistics, automotive to healthcare.
We will begin by understanding your need, develop a strategy, and offer you a detailed execution plan. We will help you integrate your mobile apps with the rest of your business/enterprise applications, ensure your app has robust security, and offer your users a seamless experience. We will test, deploy, and maintain your mobile app too.
As a team of 40 developers with over a decade of experience, we have the knowledge to ensure your investment begins to show you returns’ almost immediately. Reach us to consult, hire a mobile app developer, or with a challenging app development project.