Top 5 Product Information Management Software in the Market

Top 5 Product Information Management Software in the Market

Top 5 Product Information Management Software in the Market

With retailers having to manage both online and in-store sales, Product Information Management Software is becoming an absolute necessity. If you are thinking of adopting a PIM software, you are probably wondering which is the best software for you. The market is flooded with options,

Here is our list of the top 5 PIM software that is widely used.

1. Akeneo PIM – is also known as a product experience management (PXM) solution and can be deployed for e-commerce, mobile, and physical point of sale. It is an open-source product, is widely used, easily customizable, and user-friendly. Akeneo PIM is also a comprehensive solution.
2. Salsify – combines three different solutions to offer its users an experience management platform, namely, integrated PIM, digital asset management, and experience builder. Salsify is a cloud-based PIM solution that gives its users real-time information.
3. Riversand – is a cloud-native software that offers master data management and product information management. The software supports multiple languages and currencies, print media, and more.
4. Catsy – is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. Besides its other features, it allows for the linking of product information and digital assets. It also enables the creation of distributor-ready content. Catsy integrates easily with platforms such as Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and others.
5. Kontainer – users say it is elegant and user-friendly and offers DAM and PIM. It makes it easy to search and share digital assets within your organization and outside. Kontainer offers a host of industry-specific features.

The PIM Software you choose depends on your needs and the ERP you need to integrate it with.

Are you looking to adopt a product information management software for your business, trying to decide which is the right one for you? Reach out to us at Navabrind IT Solutions. We have installed Akeneo PIM software, customized, and integrated it for retailers across the US, Europe, and India. We will be happy to share our perspective and experience with you.

Top 10 Benefits of Product Information Management Software

Top 10 Benefits of Product Information Management Software

Top 10 Benefits of Product Information Management Software

Brad owns a sportswear store in Miami. He has over a hundred different products such as t-shirts, jackets, pants, gloves, socks, goggles, sippers, hairbands, etc. for men, women, and children. Brad’s store stocks both summer and winter sportswear and sells products of eight different brands. He sells on four online channels and also at his store in Miami. He manages his large inventory and sales channels with a staff of just five people as he has smartly automated processes with Akeneo PIM.

Product information management or PIM as it is commonly called is a comprehensive modular software that handles all the data about your products. This information may be in the form of text, audio, video, images, and other formats. A PIM software is useful when you are selling a variety of different products on a host of sales channels. It is perfect when you need to deliver an omnichannel experience to your customers and work with a lean team.

Here are the top 10 benefits of a PIM software

1. Store all your product data in a single, easily accessible repository – this data will include the names of all the products, their titles, their universal product code, and their stock keeping unit.
2. You also have the option to store the details of your inventory by taxonomy – by categories, labels, and variations.
3. Also maintain tech specs – such as details related to the measurement of a product, details of the materials used, ingredients, and warranties of the products.
4. When it’s time to market your products, your PIM will offer you images, audio and video files, word documents, brochures, and a host of other content you may have stored.
5. Also, access marketing data – for instance, create consumer personas, SEO elements, and keywords that can be leveraged as part of your marketing effort.
6. A PIM also maintains sales information – on pricing, customer testimonials, and customer reviews.
7. You can also manage channel-specific information – such as the number of pieces you have made available on a particular online channel, price, and description, the discount offered, etc.
8. Localize information – in case you have brochures or marketing information in multiple languages, these can be easily stored and accessed too.
9. Your product information management software can be your single repository to store specs related to the design of all your products – such as dimensions, length, breadth, height, details related to the assembling of the product, etc. All this information may be needed to support your customers or when your personnel need to assemble the product.
10. When you sell an array of products, you automatically have many manufacturers and suppliers to manage. Your PIM can store their details, certifications, etc, and ensure your interactions with them are smooth and effortless.

Are you looking to install product information management software? Navabrind IT Solutions specialized in implementing, customizing, integrating, and maintaining Akeneo PIM. Reach us if you have queries or to start a conversation.