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Smarter Digital Asset Management

Are your sales and marketing teams struggling to find the right images, videos, and presentations? Is your key marketing content sitting on individual laptops or with specific people? Is your team is constantly racing to create new banners, presentations, and videos for each event? Your enterprise very likely needs a digital asset management solution.
With a single, robust repository for all your digital content, your teams – be they employees or external channel partners- can work faster. Your branding head can oversee and manage the content created and ensure that the content is aligned to your brand guidelines. The brand head can also ensure there are no copyright infringements.
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In these times, when images, infographics, videos, and other visual content is gaining increasing importance, no company can allow their visual assets to be stored offline. Most enterprises invest heavily in creating visual assets. Ensure these assets are being used as and when needed and delivering a return on investment is crucial.
As a company expands – be it into newer geographies or by way of new products – an increasing number of digital assets are created, and version control becomes essential. Most times, marketing content is geography or language-specific. Managing a growing set of assets is better done through a digital asset management solution. Choosing the right DAM solution, deploying it, and migrating your data on to it takes time and money. There are a host of solutions in the market. How do you select the right solution for your enterprise? Avoid the expensive process of trial and error, partner with an agency that can guide you as you select a DAM solution, and support you as you adopt it? Reach out to us at Navabrind IT Solutions. We have end-to-end expertise in helping enterprises identify their need, locate the best DAM solution, and migrate to it.