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Custom Web Application Development, Simplified

The cloud and mobile offer e-commerce businesses tremendous possibilities to be agile, always available, accessible to employees and customers from any part of the world, reduce total cost of ownership, and increase return on investment.
If you are a B2B or B2C e-commerce company planning to capitalize on the many benefits of the cloud and mobile, you will likely need help for custom web application development too. This is because most ‘off-the-shelf’ applications will not fully meet your company’s needs.
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Customization can be done at the front-end, back-end, cross-platform, mobile and web.

If you are planning for custom web application development, here are some steps that you and your development agency will have to follow
  • Carefully understand your business strategy and define your requirement.
  • Design the wireframe and prototype of the customization and sign off on the UI/UX.
  • Code, integrate via APIs, test, quality analysis, and debug the app.
  • Deploy the custom application and migrate data into it.
  • Go live, maintain, and support the app.
There are a host of frameworks, platforms, and databases that you and your agency need to acquaint yourselves with before developing a custom application. Some of these are AngularJS, HTML, CSS, JX, React, PWA, .net, Laravel, MongoDB, Drupal, and more.

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