5 Tips for Selecting the Right IT Consultant for Your E-commerce Business

5 Tips for Selecting the Right IT Consultant for Your E-commerce Business

5 Tips for Selecting the Right IT Consultant for Your E-commerce Business

Many small and medium-sized companies have a fantastic business or product plan that have tremendous potential. Unfortunately, some fail to realize this or hesitate to ask for advice to bring these ideas to fruition fast enough. As competition increases, go-to-market time is shrinking and rapidly. Do not hesitate to retain that leg up and get the support when you need it, as you need it.

If you are mulling over a business or product idea and looking for an IT consultant to help you execute it, here are 5 tips that should help you choose the right consultant for your e-commerce business

1. Experience in your industry – a good IT consultant should have at least a decade of experience in a host of industries including e-commerce. This ensures that he is bringing to the table his extensive experience and learnings from other projects. Before you finalize on the consultant, you can also verify his/her experience by asking for references.

2. Exposure to the right technology – this is a crucial point and can make the difference between the success and failure of your business or product idea. The IT consultant must have extensive exposure to technology including e-commerce. This ensures that you will receive the right guidance and support. Have as many conversations as you can with the consultant to ascertain that s/he really does understand your domain.

3. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills – you and your team will be working closely with the IT consultant and therefore s/he must have excellent communication and know-how to nurture and work with a team. Poor communication skills could set you back weeks. Interacting with the consultant a few times will indicate whether s/he has these skills or not.

4. Professional and well connected in the industry – ideally, you would want to leverage your IT consultant’s contact to further your business ideas. For this to happen, your consultant must be well connected. This allows you to grow faster – perhaps by identifying funding for your product, or someone who can explain the licensing process, or someone who can connect you with a large distributor.

5. Positive, proactive, with a coaching mindset – this is also a quality worth having in your consultant. After all, there will be moments when you would feel intimidated by the work at hand, or you may not have skills in some areas of business. Besides advising you on your product and technology, your IT consultant may also need to mentor you. The consultant should be ready for this and have the skillsets to support you too. Helping you recalibrate your expectations and being honest.

Is your company looking for an IT consultant? If it is for an e-commerce business, look no further than Navabrind IT Solutions. We have had clients in industries such as e-commerce, retail, automotive, electronics, manufacturing, engineering, healthcare, IT and BPM, real estate, and textiles. We have helped them implement, integrate, customize, migrate, support, and maintain their B2B and B2C applications, and we can help you too.

6 Ways an IT Consultant Can Help You Grow Your Business

6 Ways an IT Consultant Can Help You Grow Your Business

6 Ways an IT Consultant Can Help You Grow Your Business

Are you an e-commerce company planning to leverage technology? or are you planning to transition your e-commerce platform to a new application? This is obviously a major decision. While you may have extensive knowledge of your strategy and business plans, coupling that with the right technology calls for a different expertise. This is where an IT or software consultant can help.

Most consultants are experts after having been part of many projects. They have heard and understood the needs of hundreds of organizations and have exposure to a variety of industries. These IT consultants understand how organizations work. They also understand how technology is evolving and growing and can thus see further into the future.

Here are 6 ways an IT consultant can help your organization

1. A good consultant understands your need, maps them against available technology, and advises you on how to transition and scale your business with the required technology. This ensures you don’t make big investments while your business is still small.

2. Security is a concern that all businesses need to contend with. A technology consultant will focus on security and help you put in place protocols for your customer and business applications. You will receive advice on how to hardwire security even as you set up your applications.

3. With their extensive understanding of technology, a consultant can even point out opportunities for new revenue streams that you may not have noticed earlier.

4. A key aspect of technology is automation. A consultant can point out areas where repetitive tasks are being performed and where machines can take over. This ensures accuracy and continuous work without human intervention.

5. Adoption of technology is not a one-time effort. It requires continuous maintenance and upgrades. Your IT consultant will advise you and put in place systems to ensure you are adopting the latest features from your application and getting the most from your investment.

6. If you are a fully automated company with an Odoo ERP, Magento e-commerce application, Akeneo product information system, and custom applications. A consultant will guide you on the crucial task of integration and maintenance of these large complex applications.

Hiring a full-time consultant would be expensive and unnecessary for a small or medium-sized business, and that’s why assignment-based consultants are the way forward. It’s a win-win for companies that are looking for expertise for a short duration.

If you plan to capitalize on the current spurt in e-commerce and expand your online presence, a consultant from Navabrind IT Solution can help you. We have supported companies across industries such as retail, logistics, healthcare, education, telecom, and others. We will be glad to understand your needs and help you make the most of the current spurt in e-commerce and online sales.