5 Tips for Selecting the Right IT Consultant for Your E-commerce Business

5 Tips for Selecting the Right IT Consultant for Your E-commerce Business

5 Tips for Selecting the Right IT Consultant for Your E-commerce Business

Many small and medium-sized companies have a fantastic business or product plan that have tremendous potential. Unfortunately, some fail to realize this or hesitate to ask for advice to bring these ideas to fruition fast enough. As competition increases, go-to-market time is shrinking and rapidly. Do not hesitate to retain that leg up and get the support when you need it, as you need it.

If you are mulling over a business or product idea and looking for an IT consultant to help you execute it, here are 5 tips that should help you choose the right consultant for your e-commerce business

1. Experience in your industry – a good IT consultant should have at least a decade of experience in a host of industries including e-commerce. This ensures that he is bringing to the table his extensive experience and learnings from other projects. Before you finalize on the consultant, you can also verify his/her experience by asking for references.

2. Exposure to the right technology – this is a crucial point and can make the difference between the success and failure of your business or product idea. The IT consultant must have extensive exposure to technology including e-commerce. This ensures that you will receive the right guidance and support. Have as many conversations as you can with the consultant to ascertain that s/he really does understand your domain.

3. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills – you and your team will be working closely with the IT consultant and therefore s/he must have excellent communication and know-how to nurture and work with a team. Poor communication skills could set you back weeks. Interacting with the consultant a few times will indicate whether s/he has these skills or not.

4. Professional and well connected in the industry – ideally, you would want to leverage your IT consultant’s contact to further your business ideas. For this to happen, your consultant must be well connected. This allows you to grow faster – perhaps by identifying funding for your product, or someone who can explain the licensing process, or someone who can connect you with a large distributor.

5. Positive, proactive, with a coaching mindset – this is also a quality worth having in your consultant. After all, there will be moments when you would feel intimidated by the work at hand, or you may not have skills in some areas of business. Besides advising you on your product and technology, your IT consultant may also need to mentor you. The consultant should be ready for this and have the skillsets to support you too. Helping you recalibrate your expectations and being honest.

Is your company looking for an IT consultant? If it is for an e-commerce business, look no further than Navabrind IT Solutions. We have had clients in industries such as e-commerce, retail, automotive, electronics, manufacturing, engineering, healthcare, IT and BPM, real estate, and textiles. We have helped them implement, integrate, customize, migrate, support, and maintain their B2B and B2C applications, and we can help you too.

6 Ways an IT Consultant Can Help You Grow Your Business

6 Ways an IT Consultant Can Help You Grow Your Business

6 Ways an IT Consultant Can Help You Grow Your Business

Are you an e-commerce company planning to leverage technology? or are you planning to transition your e-commerce platform to a new application? This is obviously a major decision. While you may have extensive knowledge of your strategy and business plans, coupling that with the right technology calls for a different expertise. This is where an IT or software consultant can help.

Most consultants are experts after having been part of many projects. They have heard and understood the needs of hundreds of organizations and have exposure to a variety of industries. These IT consultants understand how organizations work. They also understand how technology is evolving and growing and can thus see further into the future.

Here are 6 ways an IT consultant can help your organization

1. A good consultant understands your need, maps them against available technology, and advises you on how to transition and scale your business with the required technology. This ensures you don’t make big investments while your business is still small.

2. Security is a concern that all businesses need to contend with. A technology consultant will focus on security and help you put in place protocols for your customer and business applications. You will receive advice on how to hardwire security even as you set up your applications.

3. With their extensive understanding of technology, a consultant can even point out opportunities for new revenue streams that you may not have noticed earlier.

4. A key aspect of technology is automation. A consultant can point out areas where repetitive tasks are being performed and where machines can take over. This ensures accuracy and continuous work without human intervention.

5. Adoption of technology is not a one-time effort. It requires continuous maintenance and upgrades. Your IT consultant will advise you and put in place systems to ensure you are adopting the latest features from your application and getting the most from your investment.

6. If you are a fully automated company with an Odoo ERP, Magento e-commerce application, Akeneo product information system, and custom applications. A consultant will guide you on the crucial task of integration and maintenance of these large complex applications.

Hiring a full-time consultant would be expensive and unnecessary for a small or medium-sized business, and that’s why assignment-based consultants are the way forward. It’s a win-win for companies that are looking for expertise for a short duration.

If you plan to capitalize on the current spurt in e-commerce and expand your online presence, a consultant from Navabrind IT Solution can help you. We have supported companies across industries such as retail, logistics, healthcare, education, telecom, and others. We will be glad to understand your needs and help you make the most of the current spurt in e-commerce and online sales.

What Can Odoo ERP Really Do for My Business?

What Can Odoo ERP Really Do for My Business?

What Can Odoo ERP Really Do for My Business?

More and more entrepreneurs are jumping into the fray. Give your business that competitive edge by adopting robust technology to automate your daily business processes. Until recently, only large companies could afford a comprehensive ERP that integrated all their business functions. This was largely due to the high cost of ownership. With Odoo, a free open source ERP, all that is a thing of the past.

Now, you can store all your business information in a single repository, make it visible to your team, meet your legal obligations, make planning rapid, and grow your business with Odoo ERP. Consider Odoo as a social media platform that connects your employees into groups, makes communication easy and secure, improves collaboration between teams, irrespective of their location, and aids in disseminating information.

Odoo is widely used in Europe and Asia; and comes with a range of modules, some of which are accounting, purchasing, billing, manufacturing, content management, e-commerce, and inventory management. Odoo is an ideal online e-commerce store platform for small to medium-sized organizations, as it is quick to implement and easy to customize.

Most importantly, Odoo lets you create and launch professional websites, manage your relationship with customers, design, launch marketing campaigns as and when you plan them, and receive online payments.

A drill down into what Odoo ERP can really do for your expanding business

• Odoo is user-friendly, has a simple and elegant interface, and enables your team to work faster and smarter.

• As it is open-source, Odoo is easily customizable irrespective of how simple or complex your business needs. The ERP is also constantly upgraded to offer features and give a competitive edge to your business. It is a good idea to start small and basic and then scale up the application as your business grows.

• Odoo is affordable compared to ERPs on platforms like SAP and Oracle.

• Odoo has no license fee involved, and the ERP is constantly improved. All you need to do is download a copy, install, and customize it to your needs. Since Odoo is free, it also reduces the cost of ownership.

• Odoo seamlessly integrates with common apps such as Whatsapp, Amazon, QuickBooks, and around 16,000 others.

• It is easy to learn Odoo as the platform hosts a large number of resources and educational content on its website. A paying customer can access bug fixing and functional support during weekdays via email. If you adopt the Odoo Success Pack, you benefit from having your own Odoo consultant – and you can also access additional support via email or live chat.

• One drawback of Odoo is that it requires a rather elaborate installation and set-up process. This also means that the initial learning curve will be steep if you implement it on your own. A great solution is to work with an agency

Navabrind IT Solutions is a certified Odoo partner and can help you implement your Odoo ERP. We have helped businesses like yours across industries such as e-commerce, retail, logistics, engineering, healthcare, and others. We have stringent processes which involve carefully understand your requirement and scoping out your work. Post which, we will share time frames and implementation schedules. Reach us should you like to begin a conversation or hire a developer.

Why Choose Odoo ERP for Your Business

Why Choose Odoo ERP for Your Business

Why Choose Odoo ERP for Your Business

Focus on attracting customers and growing your business. That’s where your expertise lies. And manage all the facets of your business with a comprehensive ERP application. Gain visibility into various functions by tapping on a few keys, strategize, plan, and act when necessary. And you can do this yourself or have any of your team members keep an eye on how things are panning out for your business. As a management software, Odoo does this and more for you. This ERP comes bundled with a number of modules, including warehouse management, accounting, project management, manufacturing, point of sale, e-commerce, CRM, sale, purchase, human resource, payroll, contracts management, subscriptions management, and invoicing and payments.

The best part about Odoo ERP is that it is open source and easily customized to any business need. As a leading ERP, it has over 5 million users across the world, and is adopted by small medium-sized businesses and large corporations. This means the Odoo ERP scales as you grow. Why go through the pains of managing separate applications for different business functions and investing in license fees when you can adopt a comprehensive, reliable EPR like Odoo.

Navabrind IT Solutions is a certified Odoo partner. We help you choose the right modules for your business, implement and customize them, migrate to the latest version of the application, migrate your data, support, maintain, and update your ERP when new patches hit the market.

Here are 5 reasons why Odoo ERP is ideal for your growing business

1. Modular ERP – Odoo has 15 key modules and hundreds of others. Additionally, the ERP has 1000 + apps that you can adopt.

2. Open source – is a huge plus point, as you do not have to pay a license fee to access this comprehensive software, and your developers can easily access the source code to make the required customization. You can also benefit from a whole community of developers who are constantly improving the code and adding new features. The best part of open-source software is that it does not have any vendor lock-in.

3. Affordable – The community version of Odoo has no license fee, while the Enterprise version comes with advanced features and customized modules, and you would need to pay a small fee. This is considerably less than other ERPs, and you can scale from the free version to the licensed version as your business grows.

4. Easy to integrate – You can add or remove different modules without interfering with the larger ERP.

5. Web-based application – You don’t need to invest in servers and other infrastructure to host the Odoo ERP. It is web-based, can be accessed through a web browser, offers multiuser management, and is accessible 24/7.

Simplify your business process management with Odoo. Reach out to Navabrind IT Solutions to learn how. As a certified Odoo partner, we will consult and help you implement Odoo end-to-end.

With over a decade of experience in e-commerce implementations, we have worked with hundreds of customers in e-commerce, retail, healthcare, engineering, logistics, and other industries. We offer a range of packages that you can pick and choose from so that your ERP implementation is cost-effective and supported by the best.

Is Magento 2.0 the Best E-commerce Platform for My Business?

Is Magento 2.0 the Best E-commerce Platform for My Business?

Is Magento 2.0 the Best E-commerce Platform for My Business?

If there is one community that can sense an opportunity before most others; learns quickly instead of reinventing the wheel, and like rapid return on investment, it is the business community. And that’s why Magento currently powers 250,000 e-commerce sites in the world.

If you are scouting for a platform that can host your online business, provides you a host of features to make shopping easy for your customers, and can scale rapidly, Magento 2.0 is your answer.

Magento is a CMS written in PHP. It is open-source and comes in three versions, namely, Magento Community Edition which is free, Magento Enterprise Edition which is paid, and Magento Go which is paid and hosted on Magento’s servers. The Community Edition is the most popular version in use.

Here’s why millions of businesses have made Magento 2.0 their e-commerce platform of choice

1. If your business needs multiple independent websites to be created, Magento lets you do this. It also enables all your website to have their own unique look and feel. While these websites attract customers, you can manage them for a single backend system.

2. Magento comes with a host of extensions, plug-ins, and apps that can be easily customized and integrated using the Magento Connect Marketplace. Some of the extension’s that users can choose from include analytics, shipping and tracking, payment gateways, and others. The platform also has an extended library which allows users to choose features they would like to have on their website.

3. Magento is modular and users can pick modules they need, or even add them later. Some of these include user dashboards, inventory management, shipping, and supplier management, and more.

4. Magento CMS can be hosted on any cloud platform, it can be easily transitioned from one platform to the next. This gives you the flexibility to choose the best platform for you.

5. Though Magento is open source, it is high on security and ensures users are protected from online hackers.

6. A good e-commerce platform needs to load fast. Magento gives users the option to cache data and retrieve data in no time using Varnish.

7. Another important ask for any online shopping website is to be mobile friendly. Magento has a whole bunch of mobile friendly features and lets users drag and drop, leverage audiovisuals, and control the screen size so that your site is accessible on mobile and desktops.

8. The platform also has in-built support for languages and currencies.

9. Access built-in SEO tools so that you can be found on a search engine. You can configure the Magento e-commerce platform to offer metadata and descriptions for products and categories, sitemaps for search engines including for Google, create URLs, and more.

10. Know what users are doing on your website, deploy analytics and a tracking tool called Magento Business Intelligence.

If you need to quickly deploy Magento 2.0 or need to hire an experienced developer, reach us at Navabrind IT Solutions. We have over a decade of experience in e-commerce, including implementing Magento for clients in the US, Europe, India, and South East Asia. You can reach us for consultancy or to hire a Magento developer.

We will be glad to schedule an in-depth demo of the various modules you can choose from and discuss implementation processes.