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4 Ways to Ensure Your Mobile App is Secure

After e-commerce enterprises transition to the cloud, the next transformation is toward mobility. This is because nearly 2.7 billion people around the world own a smartphone and are increasingly using their devices to get work done. Add to these tablets, and the number goes higher. This number will only increase in the coming years. Mobility has gained importance with the COVID-19 pandemic. With lockdowns and social distancing, employees increasingly need to work from home and access business applications.
Enterprise mobility allows your business to be accessible to your employees and customers, get work done faster, and as a business grow smarter.
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Mobility for employees

BYOD is becoming common, and employees access company data and applications from their devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops. Being accessible 24/7 to employees has many advantages, but it can pose a security threat as well. Having a mobility strategy in place is critical. One way to enhance security for your business is to engage in mobile application management. This enables your IT department to control and secure applications related to your company without interfering with the apps on the users’ devices.

Putting in place a secure business application strategy involves

  • Look at the devices your employees and clients use to connect with your organization.
  • Tightening security /authentication methods to ensure the right person enters your network/application.
  • Deliver specific access-based information, only, depending on the role and designation of the user.
  • Periodically check your firewalls and security measures. Identify vulnerabilities and fix them before a breach.
A business planning to develop a mobile application can focus on security right at the development stage and ensure their apps have robust security built in.

Mobility for clients

Enterprises collect client data, which is attractive to hackers looking to steal and sell this information. It is vital to ensure that clients accessing your business apps are authenticated and that the data collected is stored securely and for the required time only.
If you are a small or medium-sized company trying to wrap your head around your security requirements and develop a mobility strategy for employees and clients, reach out to Navabrind IT Solutions. We consult, retrofit security measures into your apps, and build apps for you that are hardwired with security measures. With over a decade of experience, we understand that brand equity is hard-earned and must be protected. The cost of data breaches can be expensive, and we help you avert just this and more.
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